Beautiful Mess- Changing the way we look at Chaos

All Great Changes Are Preceded By CHAOS I like that! Sit on that for a minuet. -ALL GREAT CHANGES ARE PRECEDED BY CHAOS! Not some changes, but ALL GREAT changes start with a little bit (or a lot) of Chaos. Who ever said that chaos was a bad thing? The actual definition of chaos is … Continue reading Beautiful Mess- Changing the way we look at Chaos

The Weekend Before Halloween

It's the weekend before Halloween and we are booked solid. I spent my Friday carting the kids to and from school; I went grocery shopping, made dinner, and entertained our friends as we prepped for our boys vs girls chili cook off! The ladies plan... was to make a super easy white chicken chili in … Continue reading The Weekend Before Halloween

Our Trip to the Pumpkin Farm

This weekend my husband and I finally had a weekend off (where it wasn't cold and raining) so we planned a weekend filled with Halloween Festivities. The kids went Trunk-or-Treating in our neighborhood, we saw a magic show, hung with neighbors, took a family trip to our local pumpkin farm, and enjoyed a haunted date … Continue reading Our Trip to the Pumpkin Farm