Beautiful Mess- Changing the way we look at Chaos

Beautiful Mess

All Great Changes Are Preceded By CHAOS

I like that! Sit on that for a minuet. –ALL GREAT CHANGES ARE PRECEDED BY CHAOS!

Not some changes, but ALL GREAT changes start with a little bit (or a lot) of Chaos. Who ever said that chaos was a bad thing? The actual definition of chaos is complete disorder and confusion. I don’t care who you are or what path in life your walking, every single one of us lives with some form of disorder or confusion in our day to day lives. So why is chaos viewed so negatively. I think there is a lot of beauty to be seen in the chaos of life. Chaos and life go hand in hand, and I think we dismiss that beauty each and every time we judge one another for being a little chaotic.

How often have you been drinking your coffee at a play-date and just listened to other mothers talk about that one mom whose life is total chaos? Shes always in workout clothes (though she hasn’t seen a gym in years) her hair is always up in a ponytail or messy bun, she doesn’t have a full face of makeup, she always running late, her kids don’t always have the most organic lunches, and she is non stop on the run. {OK! OK! As I’m writing this, part me feels as though I am talking about myself in particular, but I’m not. I am not the only mom who loves herself some yoga pants and a messy bun.} But there you are, sitting and participating in the trash-talk about someone else’s chaos.


Everyone in that room is failing to see the beauty of the hot messy Momma that she is. You have no idea why she is always late, maybe she was just blessed with a promotion at work that causes her to work a little longer and she hasn’t fully adjusted to that need or sorted out that childcare. Maybe she is in workout clothes because secretly in between vacuuming and doing the dishes shes been pulling out that yoga mat to do a little home workout. Maybe she didn’t pack organic bananas for snack because she is tightening up on her budget to save up for a new home. You don’t know her reasoning for those minor bits of chaos in her life. Maybe she thinks its beautiful that she is comfortable with the way she looks when her hair is in a ponytail and she has no makeup on. She is proud of her “mom look”. She is happy with who she is. Her life to you may be a mess, but to her it’s a BEAUTIFUL MESS!

Don’t take away the beauty in the chaos by participating in that kind of thinking. Take a look in the mirror, are you confused when it comes to your career path? Relationships? How bout parenting style? Is your head all over the place? Is your kitchen in complete disorder? How about your desk? What does your car look like? Are you living your life a little out of order? Did you have your children before you got married? Are you going back and fourth when it comes to some sort of decision making? Well if so, by definition, your living life with a little bit of chaos. And all those things going on are just the beginning of some form of change you are making in your life.

Last year I would say my life was nothing but one chaotic event after the other. This year, I would say I am facing a lot of CHANGE. It’s still chaotic in the scene that there is a lot of new paths and choices to take and make. BUT, I’m taking my time, riding the waves, and sorting out the chaos one day at a time. I don’t feel like my life as whole is a mess just because my office is under construction and it’s created a bomb of a mess in my dining room. I don’t think that the chaos of sorting out child care is a bad thing, because I just started a new job that has the potential to change the game for my health and my finances. I don’t think that I’m a chaotic mom because I’m always on the go. I live an exciting and busy life. I work with great people (and clients), I take my kids to and from school, do homework, make dinner, take the kids to their extra curricular activities, and still find time to spend with friends and family. The dishes in my sink and the laundry in the bathroom has piled up more than once this week, and instead of riddling myself with anxiety of how I am going to get it all done, I’m blessed with the reminder that in the midst of all this chaos and change, were still living and eating well, and I am blessed with a husband who is there along side me helping where he can, and both of us are reopening our eyes to one another in this moment in time. We see and appreciate what the other is doing during this crazy and exciting time. LIFE IS CHAOTIC but better yet LIFE IS BEAUTIFUL!



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