The Messy Momma Movement- Meet Miranda Marshall

Messy eeting the woman behind the Marsh

When I decided to start my blog I had wondered what my purpose would be. I already had my YouTube Channel the Messy Momma, but I wanted to do more then just fill your feed with more unnecessary junk. I wanted to start a movement. One that would unite mothers of all walks of life for one common goal. Now this thought posed the question, ‘What is something that we all struggle with?’ I would say, The Messy Momma Moments. But why is that something we find so difficult to manage? It’s not as if we didn’t know that these moments come with raising children; it’s expected. ‘Could it be that in a society run on social media and digital parenting, with a plethora of people telling you what to do in order to be a “good mom”, a certain competitiveness and pressure has been placed on our shoulders that cause these moments to make us feel like failures?’

After answering my own questions, it was then that I realized I need to bring an awareness to how social media has impacted the way we handle completely natural mishaps that us a parents face. Thus giving birth to #themessymommamovement.

(For More Information on the Messy Momma Movement you can check out The Messy Momma Movement blog and share your story. We would love you to get involved using the hashtags #messymommamovement and #messymommamoments)

On this journey I have chosen to be completely transparent and share my own Messy Momma Moments. But would my own personal moments be enough to help others realize that they are not alone when facing the the imperfections that naturally come with parenting? I wanted to create a community where we can share, laugh, and even enjoy these moments that we struggle with. So, I decided to set off on a journey to meet other “Messy Momma’s”.


This is Miranda- Mom of Twin Girls Emersyn & Ainsley

One of the first people that came to mind was Miranda. Miranda and I met a few years back. She was a client of mine whom I had the pleasure of working with on a photo shoot just before her wedding; I did her hair and makeup for a stunning boudoir shoot she had done as a gift for her soon to be husband (and for herself- it was so empowering). Since then, we have become friends on social media, and I have followed her journey to motherhood through her personal pages and her blog Life In The Marsh . Miranda is a mother to two beautiful twin girls who are just so precious. She is super sweet, a loving mother and wife, and so kind to share her story with us! She has no problems embracing the Messy Momma Moments, and for that I thought she was the perfect person to interview.

Miranda was so kind to share her story on becoming a mom of twins and sharing how she just so passionately lives for her girls; this includes not breaking a sweat when she faces the Messy Momma Moments (in double time) but rather, actually enjoying them. Both her and I in no way think that all social media is bad; it has it’s perks. However, social media has had a major influence on how mothering ‘should be’, and has opened the door to ‘mother shaming’ which has significantly changed the way our generation handles the little imperfections that every mom naturally faces. The Messy Momma Moments are a natural part of parenting and shouldn’t be something we are ashammed of  or struggle with because of others shaming them. We want to help mothers of all walks of life power through, what is truly natural and temporary chaos, with a smile on her face and embrace the beauty in the mess.

So lets get talking, what are the Messy Momma Moments you struggle with? How do you get through it? What do you want others to know that would help them take a step back, take a deep breath, and power through these completely natural mishaps? What questions do you have?

That is what we are here for, sharing our journeys so we can help someone else out who may be facing the same problems? We are all on this parenting journey together, lets enjoy it! Let’s support one another as we face the perfectly imperfect moments we face with our children, embrace the temporary chaos, encourage one another as we power through and support our families, and celebrate the beauty and joy that motherhood brings! Messy Momma’s UNITE!

You can see more of our interview on the Messy Momma YouTube Chanel:


I hope you enjoyed our little interview and I can not wait to meet more Messy Momma’s and learn how they power through the Messy Momma Moments!


8 thoughts on “The Messy Momma Movement- Meet Miranda Marshall

  1. chicanddomestic says:

    Ugh, I hate what social media has (or tries) to do to motherhood and parenting. Mom shaming is getting awful. It’s so important to remember that many women behind the screen are as big of a mess as they claim you are. No one is perfect.

  2. 101foodtravel says:

    I love this idea, I am planning on doing similar just to meet up with other fellow bloggers and make friends, and possibly help each other grow.

  3. audriaallred says:

    This is such an awesome idea that so many of us moms need. We all need to come together and support each other often.

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