The Weekend Before Halloween

It’s the weekend before Halloween and we are booked solid. I spent my Friday carting the kids to and from school; I went grocery shopping, made dinner, and entertained our friends as we prepped for our boys vs girls chili cook off! The ladies plan… was to make a super easy white chicken chili in a crock pot overnight. (We figured going white chicken chili would give us the upper hand, since so many would make a traditional chili. And doing it in a crock pot with liners… ZERO MESS) Us ladies gathered in the kitchen, plopped all the ingredient into the crock-pot, set heat on low, and cleaned up our minimal mess.. It was easy! Now my husband, who had worked an 18 hour day and was up for almost 24 hours, put on his big boy apron and gathered in the kitchen (a foreign land to him) teamed up with his boys and worked on some chili magic. Well… I don’t know if I should call it magic exactly. The boys… They used almost every pot in my house… every surface was covered in some sort of mess. And watching them cook was PAINFUL. They sauteed their veggies for a solid 10 minuets (until it was pure mush), added an entire can of pineapple juice, and never seasoned their meat. We were cringing and the thought of whatever concoction that chili would come to be. And each time we tried to help them they kicked us out of the kitchen… UNTIL IT WAS TIME TO CLEAN UP OF COURSE!

After all the chili was prepped/made we moseyed on over to the dining room for some pumpkin carving. My husband, he moseyed on over to the couch and was out like a light. The kids enjoyed carving their pumpkins. Brianna asked if she could carve hers by herself… and for the most part she did! I was surprised to see how well she handled carving and she only asked for help once or twice )while someone was watching over her shoulder of course). Michael left most of the carving to me.. he enjoyed pulling out the pieces that I had finished cutting. After carving I should have kicked everyone out of the house and sent the kids to bed, BUT I PROMISED we would make pumpkin seeds! So, I turned on the oven and got to cooking… AGAIN!







The next day, I thought Brianna had her parade. I woke up bright and early to make breakfast, get myself and Brianna ready, and JUST WHEN I WAS ABOUT FINISHED… I got a message that it was tomorrow!! (AHHH I COULD HAVE SLEPT IN) But rather than have a Messy Momma Meltdown…. I laughed at my Messy Momma Moment, plopped onto the couch, put on a blanket and took a little nap in my husbands lap as the kids watched Halloween Movies! (IT WAS MIRACULOUS!) After about 30 min of semi-uninterrupted slumber I woke up and started the 2nd round of getting everyone ready! The kids had a Halloween Contest and We had the Chili Cook Off soon! Brianna wanted to be a zombie with some skin tears and Michael was going to be spider man. Once the kids were dressed our friends came back over to pick up the chili and pumpkin seeds. We jumped in the leaves for a bit and headed out to party!

The chili cook off had a pretty good turn out, and out of 6 competitors WE GOT 2nd Place! We lost to a delicious chili made with venison. (And Yes… I tried it… Even though the thought disgusted me… but it was good… I wish it wasn’t but it was). For my first ever chili cook off.. I’ll take 2nd! NOT BAD LADIES!…. AAANNNND the boys… well… it was cute they tried! By 7 o’clock we were pooped and headed home for an early night.

Finally, Sunday arrives… and TODAY Brianna has her parade. It is FREEZING out and her coach wants them to wear their tank tops… YES, you read that right, TANK TOPS! So, I got our little ones ready for the weather, dressing Brianna in easily removable clothes for the parade. We drop her off to the meetup location and run to get good seats… At the end of the parade so we could head out quick! We watch Brianna strutt her stuff, scoop her up, GET A COAT BACK ON HER, and head to Mimi and Papa’s for Sunday Dinner. I would say that was the perfect ending to quite a busy weekend!

Now, all I have to do is get everything ready for this week… Halloween Week! I am in charge of Brianna’s School party and we have a full day planned for Halloween!

To keep up with all the fun we had this weekend check out my latest vlog!


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