Keeping Organized/Decorating For Halloween


It’s the week before Halloween and on my quest of getting that mom of the year award (the one they never seem to hand out) I, of course, signed up to be the HEAD WITCH in charge of my daughters 3rd grade Halloween party! Earlier this month, the teacher emailed me with a scanned copy of the signup sheet and a reminder that i’m the mom charge for this party. Of course none of the other parents were forwarded that same email, so I had the pleasure of busting out my glasses and finding some good lighting to attempt to sort out the chicken-scratch that was every ones information and email addresses. Upon multiple email returns I finally broke down and scoured previous group emals the teacher had sent in attempt to find those missing addresses (with little to no luck.) Then came the last resort, the infamous group text that us moms just LOVE! With only a few responses (since some were landlines) and now I have been spending my spare time jumping back and forth between text’s and emails to make sure that these other mom’s don’t have any Messy Momma Moments and Bail on me!

Earlier this week I posed a video of all the games and crafts I plan on bringing to the school party. If you missed it, you can see that video here: Halloween Crafts/Games. I still have to pick out some fruit that I can decorate to be on theme, and pack up the Halloween gifts I made for the teachers. So, a Target run is most definitely on the things to do. And For those of you who need to bring a craft of some sort and don’t have any time to run out to the store, I do have some printable coloring and writing pages for Halloween that you can instantly download and Print from home!

Halloween Writing Printable

Printable Writing Pages

Halloween Coloring Pages Etsy.jpg

Printable Coloring Pages

In preparation for all the Halloween Festivities to come I also have to get some groceries; it has been crazy busy around here and our fridge, pantry, and freezer are looking pretty bare. My daughter has been dressing up for Halloween EVERY DAY OF CLASS this week at dance, so keeping up with the dancable costumes has been challenging as my daughter wants to go in full costume, wig, makeup, ext. and fails to realize that #1 she has to be able to DANCE in it and #2 if she ruins it before Halloween she is going to FREAK! (Update! She wore her full costume, no makeup and danced in her costume with no rips or tears… phew) All while working at the salon, taking care of the house, planning ahead, cooking, cleaning, and decorating.

I pulled out all my Halloween and fall decor earlier this month and finally got around to putting it all together nicely! And while I was decorating I kept up with the Clutterbug 30 day tidy challenge. But rather than do a drawer here and a cabinet there daily. I have been waiting for her to complete rooms and then I fallow suit cleaning one room a week. Last week was the bathroom, and the week before that was the kitchen. This week we are focusing on wardrobe. I spent the week cleaning out all the dressers and closets in each of our rooms. Throwing MANY MANY clothes that don’t fit into the GOODWILL bags… aka garbage bags and saving the clothes I can’t bare to part with for that potential third baby… I MEAN… I’M SAVING THE KIDS CLOTHES FOR ..”THEIR”.. FUTURE KIDS.. RIGHT.. LETS GO WITH THAT! So be sure to check out this weeks Fashion Friday Vlog for some neat and tidy tricks to keep your wardrobe organized and your home decorated for HALLOWEEN… even if it is last minuet!


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