Our Trip to the Pumpkin Farm

This weekend my husband and I finally had a weekend off (where it wasn’t cold and raining) so we planned a weekend filled with Halloween Festivities. The kids went Trunk-or-Treating in our neighborhood, we saw a magic show, hung with neighbors, took a family trip to our local pumpkin farm, and enjoyed a haunted date night evening with a few of our friends. I knew all this what going to have to get done this weekend and you know how us moms like to plan, especially when we both work and it’s rare to have a weekend off together… so I had our entire weekend planned out… and here is My game plan:

  • Friday: Pick kids up from school and get them ready for Trunk-or-Treating
  • Have fun with the kids at said Trunk-or-Treating while husband gets some work done around the house (we had our direct tv moved onto a different wall, new internet installed, and had to replace the window that our son broke with a new door to go out onto the new deck my husband built this summer)
  • Spend time with Neighbors we haven’t seen in a while and let kids play
  • Go to work event that evening (make a quick appearance and duck out early to go to haunted house)
  • Go to haunted house
  • Saturday: Wake up early
  • Feed the family
  • Get everyone into the t-shirts I made them (gotta look cute for photos)
  • Head to the pumpkin farm by 11:30am (at the latest)
  • Enjoy everything the farm has to offer (camel rides, pony rides, feed animals, pick pumpkins, get lost in the gigantic corn maze, stuff my face with apple cider donuts, and have lots of fun fun fun)
  • Leave pumpkin farm
  • Have family dinner
  • Bathe the little ones and get them in cozy new pj’s (that I bought on amazon)
  • Drop the kids of at Mimi and Papa’s for a sleepover (so mommy and daddy could go on a date) (( that we haven’t done in a long LONG time))
  • Get dressed up in matching husband and wife vampire costumes
  • Do some BOMB makeup for said costumes
  • Have fun all night with my husband, our friends, and his friends from work.

Sounds great… I can do this….Spoke to husband all week about said plan to ensure success!

AAAANNNNDDD… What actually Happened:

  • Friday: Took the kids to Trunk-or-Treating, saw the magic show, and ate candy with the neighbors
  • Had a great time with neighbors and decided to kick it with them all night (in my yoga pants instead of going to work function where I had to dress up)
  • No go on haunted house (we can do that next weekend)
  • Saturday:Woke up extra early because my husbands boss called him into work (on his day off.. but he assured me he would only work a 1/2 day and be home on time)
  • Fed the kids and got them dressed (in the t-shirts i made) ((#momwin))
  • Waited for hubby to be home by 11am
  • Called hubby at 11am asking where he was
  • Plan changes he will be home by 12
  • Called hubby at 12 asking where he is
  • Waited
  • Waited
  • Waited
  • Told the kids I wasn’t in control and we were waiting for Daddy
  • Waited some more
  • Assured the kids he was actually coming home and didn’t have to work all day
  • Waited
  • Waited
  • And FINALLY left for pumpkin farm in a rush/panic at 1pm
  • Got to the INSANELY PACKED Pumpkin farm and shortened our fun list to all the must do’s at the pumpkin farm. (While telling myself the kids won’t notice, we will still have a fun time, keep it moving Samantha, you can do this, at least we are together as a family, enjoy it we’re having fun)
  • Completed everything on our shortened list by closing time
  • Picked up Chinese food on the way home
  • Shoveled food in everyone’s mouth
  • Changed into half assed vampire costume (aka wore all black normal clothing)
  • Grabbed the kids pj’s (they can take a bath at Mimi’s)
  • Picked up vampire teeth, blood, and black crayon on the way (assured friends we were still coming, just a bit late)
  • Threw the kids into their grandparents house and ran
  • Finished not so bomb makeup at friends house before going out!
  • Made it to our date night!

Ok ok, so my weekend didn’t entirely go according to plan, BUT we still had a good time. The old me would have had a nervous breakdown! But the new me is embracing the Messy Momma Moments. And by keeping it together and maybe rushing a few things, my kids still had the best time at the pumpkin farm with mommy and daddy. They didn’t notice that we didn’t do everything on mommy’s mental list! Or that we were rushing in any way to get it all done! We had a great time! And it didn’t matter that my husband and I didn’t have the perfect vampire costumes or makeup on our date night, we still had a great time together. We looked cute not because of our costumrs but because we were relaxing and having a good time with each other. And that was the point. Spend some time with the kids doing Halloween Activities, and spend some time together as husband and wife enjoying our marriage, our friendship, and one of my favorite holidays!

Be sure to check out all the fun we had and all the crafting I have to do to prepare for this week/weekend’s Halloween festivities on my Youtube ChanelĀ 



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